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If you've discovered our current Kickstarter late or realized you want to upgrade your pledge there is still time.

All you need to do is email us at: ARAMMU.RPG@GMAIL.COM

We will respond with details and answer any questions that you have regarding the Kickstarter.

Only the following Tiers are available for late Pledging (digital only):

3D Gevurah Fan
3D Malkuth Races Fan
Northern Wanderer of Tinar
Noble of the North

NOTE: Pledge Tiers that are marked as "Reward no longer available" on the Kickstarter are not available for late Pledging. Those limited Tiers rely on limited stock items and certain conditions to be fulfilled and therefore cannot be offered post-Kickstarter.


To receive notifications when our future models become available follow us on our latest KICKSTARTER landing page.

For information on new models follow us on: Facebook: ArammuTTRPG | Twitter: @ArammuP